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Combi Cut

The new model is 20% faster

The HG Combi Cut has the same advantageous properties as the HG Quick Cut, and has integrated tail and hind leg looseners. The machine allows savings of 25-35% of the labour in the skinning process. The programme has been updated in 2010 so that the slicing and hind leg loosening processes are now run in two separate cycles. This makes the machine up to 20% faster to work with, because there is no need to wait to insert a new animal until the tower is in position.

After the cross cut, the tail is cut up extremely accurately. Then both the tail and hindlegs are loosened lengthwise, meaning that the belly skin does not burst. The encoder, which controls the moving parts, makes it possible to set for example the blade depth to a precision of less than one millimetre. The mink is now ready to be put on the skinning table. Quite simply, this allows the saving of one man in the skinning line.

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