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FIX Tail Touch (pinning machines)

The FIX-2 Pinning Machine as you know it, fitted with tail spreading, is now available with the new sleeve jaw and a raised turret. The tendency is for furs to become longer which is why it is now ne-cessary to have a longer pinning machine. The turret has been raised by 150mm so that the sleeve jaw can more easily drag the sleeve down on the long furs. This helps to ensure comfort for yourselves or your employees who are using the pinning machine. With the raised turret you can also operate with the new FIX-Blue® 150 which gives the fur a firmer grip.

The tail spreading ensures a uniform and perfect pinning line and leaves a plastic »sausage« after removal of the sleeve, thus ensuring a strong hold on the fur and minimising creeping and »turned-up« tails. The new sleeve jaw allows the holding area on the furs to be further minimised by using the new FIX-Blue® sleeve, and gives the holding area maximum quality. The new sleeve jaw has also optimised FIX-2’s process speed so that it is now 10–15% faster with a capacity of up to 285 furs per hour.

The FIX-2 Pinning Machine has been given updated software with several functions that are more user-friendly, such as e.g. the option to save different programs and run statistics broken down by far-mers. At the same time all improvements made in 2010 and 2011 are obviously included: air tank, speedometer in display, touch free knee pedal etc. The machine is operated via a user-friendly touch screen.
The FIX-2 Pinning Machine is known as a part of the FIX-2 Drying System but it is also part of the FIX-Monorail system. If you already own a FIX-2 Tail Touch Pinning Machine, we can convert it to work with a raised turret and new sleeve jaw at a competitive price.


  • Raised turret for better comfort.
  • Faster sleeve jaw.
  • Holding area only 3 cm.
  • Touch-free knee pedal.
  • New software functions.
  • Nicer pinning line.
  • For both short and long sleeves.
  • Better hold on the fur.
  • Fewer turned-up tails and less creeping.
  • Touch screen operation.


Air: 9 bar (min)
Air consumption: 150 ln/min
Power: 240V
Per hour: 285 furs
Water: No
Weight: 198 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 205x100x80 cm

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