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FIX Size

The measuring plate with laser lights is mounted either to the packing table or near the pinning machine for a quick and easy indication of whether your fur meets the fur sizes. The laser lights project a clear red line on top of the fur indicating the boundary between sizes.

The tolerance range can be adjusted by +/- 5 mm depending on how large a safety margin you would like when measuring your furs.


  • Measuring plate for measuring fur sizes
  • Laser lights that indicate the boundary between the sizes
  • 9 laser lights project onto the top of the fur
  • May be used for newly pinned/dried furs
  • The plate can be supplied with a foot so that it can be operated
    at an ergonomically suitable height. 


Power: 230V
Capacity: -
Water: No
Weight: 12 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): -

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