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FIX Plastic sleeves

FIX-Blue® 100

FIX-Blue® 100 has been developed especially for water brushing.
The main characteristic of the sleeve is that the holding area is significantly minimised. We have of course maintained the well-known strong hold on the fur.
The new sleeve jaw on the FIX-2 Pinning Machine pushes the short sleeve completely together so that it only holds/clamps in the bottom of the skin approx. 25–30mm. This produces a more attractive finished fur.

FIX-Blue® 100 has also been developed so that brushing with water can be carried out on almost the whole fur since the sleeve is very short compared with the known sleeves.   Please be aware that if you are operating with short sleeves, a few hairs may be pulled off from the side of the fragile furs. (Animals that have died from natural causes, old female furs).

The term »Blue« was introduced so that the sleeve could quickly and easily be recognised.

The short sleeve can be used on all FIX-Pinning Machines.

The FIX-Sleeves are manufactured from special plastic, a type of plastic with special elastic properties that are well suited for contact with animal fats.

The optimal application temperature is 18–25˚C, which means that the cabinets must be placed in a heated room for at least two days before use.

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